When baby arrives, your whole life changes and the first few weeks of their life are a whirlwind of activities and emotions: so why should you consider a Newborn Photography session in the midst of these magical days?

Newborn photography isn’t merely about taking pictures; it’s about capturing memories and preserving there forever. In a matter of days your little one will change and grow and those tiny, delicate features will also change.

While as a parent you will never forget those moments, documenting them with professional newborn photography means even decades from now you’ll be able to look at your newborn images and be transported back in time to those incredible first few days.

Why Choose Newborn Photography in Swansea?

Babies Change And Grow Really Fast

Those tiny fingers, soft cheeks, and innocent eyes change rapidly.

Within weeks, your baby will grow, and those newborn traits will fade. For example, babies start life with a “c” shaped curve, their legs are tucked in the frog leg position to take pressure off the hips and spine. They also regulate body temperature and digest food best in this position.

This is one of the reasons why they will naturally settle into those beautifully curly poses we all love. As days and weeks go by, however, this will change so we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to capture exactly your favourite newborn poses.

Your Newborn Photography session at my Swansea studio usually take place during the first 3 weeks of life, ensuring we truly capture baby in their first few days of life.

Why chose Newborn Photography: It’s beautiful (and suuuuuper cute)!

Let’s be honest, a few things in life are cuter and more perfect than a tiny newborn baby.

This is why every Newborn Photographer has their own range of props, wraps, outfits, headbands and background that are specifically designed for newborns: during the planning phase of your Newborn Photography session we will chose the best elements to help us create a varied gallery of images you will absolutely adore, while not adding to the composition any elements that could be distracting to the eyes.

Have you visited my Facebook page? There you can look at my work and see exactly what I mean!

Tell the world about your baby!

A Newborn Photoshoot can be a beautiful way to share the joy of your newest family member with the world in a way that will let everyone thinking “Oh wow!”.

Instead of quick phone snaps, let professionally taken photographs from McDonnell Photography do the talking.

Each image is a testament to the beauty and innocence of your baby.

Professional Newborn Photography in Swansea

There is more to Newborn Photography than “just” photography: working with a newborn requires for your photographer to be able to read their needs and body and adjust to them, so safety and well-being of your little one can be maintained throughout the session

If you’re looking for a professional photographer in Swansea to capture your baby’s first few weeks of, we can help you. McDonnell Photography is a specialist studio that provides maternity photography and newborn photography for families in and around Swansea.

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