Newborn Photography

What to expect

This session is for your new little arrival.  When booking with me I always suggest the perfect time is between 6 and 15 day as they are still in that gorgeous little curled up squishy stage.

The session will last at least two hours to allow time for cuddles and feeds and I always direct my session with the needs of the baby first, they will let us know if they are hungry, need their bottoms changed or just want some cuddles. My studio has comfortable seating perfect for just relaxing and watching the session, you can bring snacks and drinks and theres coffee and tea available.

I have lots of gorgeous props and comfy blankets and in your booking form I will ask you if you have any colour preferences.  Wall art of your newborn looks amazing on a wall and I try to make that portrait fit in with your colour scheme

Siblings are welcome and I love photographing proud sisters and brothers but please let me know at the time of booking, Usually they come for the first half hour and if possible can they be taken back home or maybe to the shops or park so we can then concentrate on baby. I always love to include photographs with parents as I think this is such a lovely memory to keep.