My new photography studio in Clydach, Swansea

So I recently moved in to my gorgeous new studio situated on High Street in Clydach.

And somehow, it was meant to be.  You see, I lived with my family in Clydach for a few years and would always pass this shop on the High Street and think “what a great place for a studio” and yet it was either being used by another business. Then late last year, a post on Facebook asking for any ideas on shops to rent changed all that and the idea was about to become a reality.

In July this year, I signed the lease and it was mine. 

I was filled with ideas on how to transform this office space into my dream. 

A little studio space that felt more like a home, a sitting room than a clinical white studio. 

My evenings were spent looking at wallpaper samples, ideas on how to arrange the space and the colours I would use.  I wanted a comfortable space with older furniture that I would reuse and revamp.  

Actually, the main thing that I really wanted was the room entirely for my props (and yes I have a few – us newborn photographers like our props) which meant that the main shooting space could be kept for my clients to feel comfortable in.

The Before

My husband took the week off work to fit flooring, fit decorative beading to the walls to create the look of panelling to showcase some of my beautiful wall art and my mum assisted with her walll papering skills. I will admit to being a little apprehensive when I saw all my props and furniture thinking “how is all of this going to  fit into the studio and prop room?”

Cake Smash Swansea

The After

After 10 days of painting, decorating and moving in (three van loads of props and furniture) I was in.   I sat in the space and actually had a little cry.  I was content and had designed my own space, a space for me and a space for my clients.

The location is perfect.  High Street in Clydach is a great community with an art gallery, a florist, hair salon, tattoo studio and some great bars and restaurants.  All independent businesses which create this lovely community.

The studio itself has a lovely atmosphere I really does feel like home, my new studio home, the space that Ive created for me and my clients and I cant wait to see where we go.

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