Cake Smash Photography sessions in Swansea

So, your little baby is turning one…

But where did that year go?

Between incredible “firsts”, sleepless nights and nappy changes, baby’s first year sometimes goes by in a whirlwind and, before you know it… time to celebrate!

Now when you mention “birthday” to a baby photographer, chances are you’ll see them jump up and start frantically browsing their magical “prop room” in search of decorations and mini bathtubs…

Welcome to the world of Cake Smash and Splash photoshoots!


A really fun way to celebrate is to book a Cake Smash Photography Session with me at my Swansea Studio.

Each session is completely customised to you.  I will ask you what colours or themes you have in mind, is there an outfit you have picked up already or even what theme is the birthday party.  

We will tie all of this together and come up with a totally fun session for your one year old cake smasher.

Cake Smash Photography sessions in Swansea: 3-IN-1 PHOTOSHOOTS

The session starts with some really cute portraits without the cake so maybe for this bring their special birthday party outfit?

We then move on to the cake-all the sticky loveliness of a birthday cake that’s been made for me with your colour requests by an amazing local baker that I use.   If there are dietary requirements we can even help with those.

The first look that  I get off the cake smasher is almost saying to me “what do I do with this” and with a bit of prompting its the sudden realisation of “oh I can do this”                           

A cake smash is basically like a messy play session – we let little one play with the textures and sensations of the cake, give them a wooden spoon to use with a cake and have fun.

Sometimes we even get little ones who love to get stuck in and go face first into the cake.

After the cake smash comes the bath – I have this really cute mini roll tub bath that I love to use and I will admit that some of the best photographs from a cake smash can come for the splash part of the session.


The thing about a cake smash is that it doesn’t have to be a cake, how about a paint and splash session to let your little picasso paint a picture that you can take home

Do you have a theme that you would like to use?  Maybe a safari theme or a cupcake theme.  I would love to hear any new ideas that we can introduce

If you love the idea of a cake smash please get in touch, all you have to bring on the day is an outfit.  I supply the cake and all the decorations and bring the fun

Jenny McDonnell Photography – based in Swansea- specialises in Newborn, baby and maternity photography.

Thinking about a Cake Smash and Splash? Visit my dedicated page here

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