So you are sitting there in your third trimester, maybe you are glowing and feeling the love and the  anticipation of meeting your little one, or maybe like me you are just darn uncomfortable.

But think about it this way, what you are doing – you are creating this amazing human being, creating new life.  This little one will grow from a tiny bean on your first scan to an actual human being and yes there is the birth part but what you are doing is magical.

So you are sitting there hot and sweaty, probably tired from not sleeping that well and even doing those simple things like putting socks on is just annoying and makes you sweat.  Then there is the heartburn  – this is what I remember the most. 

I remember nagging my husband at 1 in the morning to go the the local drive through for milkshake – that cool sweet and sugary ice creamy feeling would just calm it all down and its true what they say, the minute little one is here that hearburn just vanishes (well it did for me)

Off on a tangent there – so back to it.  


Maternity Session

When to book

I normally suggest booking your session between 32 and 36 weeks , at this time you still feel pretty good, and hopefully feel pretty mobile.   

What to expect

I usually to the session at my studio and its a rather chilled out session, I even have the amazing JM Make up down the corridor from me so you could even book in a make up appointment with Jess and have a proper pamper.

I have some beautiful gowns in the studio, all designed for bumps  and all designed to make you feel and look fabulous .   You can have photographs taken on your own or even add in some family portraits with your partner and even your other children

                  Pregnany lady in grey dress



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